GapiDraw is sold as a royalty free, all-platforms, perpetual site license. This means that:

  • There are no royalty fees for using GapiDraw.
  • You can create and sell as many applications as you want.
  • You can use the license for as long as you want.
  • You only need one license per company.

The price for a GapiDraw binary license is $1.295
The price for a GapiDraw source code license is $4.495
The price for upgrading a binary license to source code license is $3.195


Users of GapiDraw 3.5 and later can upgrade to the latest version of GapiDraw 4 for 50% of the current price of the full version. Order upgrade details are available by clicking the button below "Click here to order".

If you order from Europe and do not have a registered company, VAT will be added to your purchase. If you have any questions related to our product licensing please feel free to contact us.


Our Offer

What we offer is one product in three different packages:

  • The GapiDraw evaluation version. The evaluation version is available for download so you can make sure GapiDraw suits your needs before you make a purchase. Except for a small banner during startup indicating that it cannot be used for commercial purposes it is identical to our licensed binary product.
  • The GapiDraw licensed binary version. This is the package most of our customers purchase. The binary version of GapiDraw includes Stationary PC and Windows Mobile builds for Embedded Visual C++ 4.0, Visual Studio 2005 and Visual Studio 2008.
  • The GapiDraw licensed source code version. This package contains the full source code of GapiDraw. The GapiDraw source code license includes Stationary PC and Windows Mobile builds for Embedded Visual C++ 4.0, Visual Studio 2005 and Visual Studio 2008.


Download the Evaluation Version

To evaluate GapiDraw you can download a fully functional evaluation version. The evaluation version is identical to the licensed binary version except that it shows a small banner during startup, informing you that it cannot be used for commercial applications.




About our Licensing

When we formed the licensing terms for GapiDraw we tried to make things as easy as possible. We did not want any difficult to understand licensing terms, any hidden royalty fees, and absolutely no "time bombs" which prevents you from using the software commercially after a certain date have passed.

In the case you are looking at alternatives to GapiDraw, please allow us to provide you with some checkpoints you should check for before considering a purchase.

  • Royalty free licensing. Always make sure you do not have to pay per copy sold of your product. Not only does this complicate administration for you, if you should partner up with an online distributor that does not provide you with detailed sales statistics you might risk legal issues. GapiDraw has always had a simple to understand licensing that is 100% royalty free.
  • One license per company, not user. Another thing to check for is the amount of licenses you have to purchase for your company, and if there is a license limit where you suddenly classify as a "medium" or "large" organization that might affect pricing of licenses. GapiDraw only requires one license per company, even if that company is just one person or if it is a large company such as Sony Online Entertainment or Nokia.
  • Use it in as many product as you like. Some software licenses only allow you to use the product in a specific amount of software releases. The GapiDraw license allows you to use it in as many products as you like.
  • Use the license for as long as you like. The most dangerous pitfall might be the time-bomb license, which is a license you can only use for a specific amount of time after which you have to renew it to use it. Say for example that your application got delayed by two months, and that the renewal price just got increased by 300%? You have no choice but to purchase a license renewal if you want to proceed with development. Or what happens if the company behind the product you have purchased comes out of business and the product gets transferred to a holding company? The GapiDraw license is perpetual, meaning you can continue to develop applications with it for as long as you like. No time bombs. Ever.
  • Make sure you can get the source code. Having access to the source code is your guarantee that you can deliver updates and improvements to your customers, even if the company behind your graphics platform goes on vacation for a few weeks. GapiDraw provides an affordable source code license you can use to get full source code access within just a few hours using online payment.

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